Nov 27, 2010

Interface Aesthetics Tidbit #1

Another productive day comes to an end and I am glad everything turned out exactly how I wanted it to look like. Editing the general interface, no, not only that, editing the whole game at all has to be treated with huge respect because the originals had just it's own unique style and dedication I've yet to find in any other game.
So I rather spend days or weeks making something good and respecting the work of the original Fallout devs, instead of throw some half-assed stuff in. ;)

Anyway, Picture Numbero Uno, the Dialogbox, a thing you will see and have to take care for a lot during the game (obviously, when it comes to text-heavy games):

You can see the general text font used in there. I fiddled around with it a long time till I found a font which is actually readable and looks good. I really like it and it looks gorgeous ingame. Opposing to the "cold", "sterile" but yet fitting font of Fallout, this one is a bit more "mellow", looks like handwriting. Thus it represents the general aesthetics of my mod, everything is handmade, everyone is more caring for themselves and their own survival. The general look of the Interface has more warmer brown tones, as opposing to grey-metallish tones, as seen in the little comparison picture I made:

Well then, what's left? The worldmap! I worked a bit with it and already loving it, but it is still heavily Work In Progress. It's meant to be rather a handdrawn old "treasure" map then an accurate satellite map like in the original Fallouts. There are many "Landmarks" drawn onto it, I hope you people like the aesthetics.

I really really like it and it looks beautiful ingame.

Anyway, that should be it for today, see you next time around, I'll keep you in touch if some new things are coming.




  1. Sounds good. I like the world map, and it will be interesting to see the new UI... keep on working!

  2. Really nice stuff.
    I haven't yet seen anything similar in any of the other mods, and it's been like what... 10 years? :)
    Any news on the mod?

  3. Looks promising...text fits well in my opinion.

  4. We want updates, Surf!