Nov 25, 2010


So, as this is now the first post on this new and shiny Internet Blog thingy, I thought it'd be a clever idea to explain the reasons why I want to do such a game, right? Well then!
I like Fallout. You probably like Fallout too, since you visited this page. We all like Fallout, don't we?
We do. And I like Fallout 1 and its dark, unforgiving and yet melancholic atmosphere even more.
And what does one do if one likes some particular thing? Right, demand more! But as there is no Fallout1² the need of a mod arises. That's where my part comes in! Of course it is not my intention to just copy something, besides the fact that I can't even do this, it would be pretty boring and no one want to play a bad duplicate.

But I do not only like Fallout 1/2, I like cRPGS, preferrably from the late 90ies too! As one big influence I want to name Planescape:Torment here - a game which completely blew me away, especially when it came to its unique setting, excellent atmosphere (music/SFX/graphics) to just gorgeous and detailed writing. One could literally spend hours and hours just talking to NPC, hearing their stories and find more about their particular backgrounds. This - mixed with the grittiness of the fallout world and of course my own little ideas and styles - I thought will be the best of two worlds combined - I always wanted to play such a game, so I decided I just do such a game.

That's how I landed here. Created spreadsheets, design documents for NPC, locations and the world in general, learned how to script and handle the engine and made some music and sound effects. This all ended in some nice little build which is already playable and I am very proud of - maybe I can release this little gem of a demo in the next few months when I polished it a bit.
I have loads of fun to put my creativity in use and see how it slowly shapes itself and becomes "alive", enjoying the music, enjoying the atmosphere, the characters are haunting me. So I hope you'll enjoy it the same when it get's released, maybe you got the time to read the news here from time to time.

Until then, with best regards,



  1. This sounds really good! Really looking forward for this.

  2. *copies Nexxos' post* promise some good thing so far ;)...Baltha

  3. What a fantastic idea! I'll be following this with GREAT anticipation.

  4. it sounds relay nice cant want to play is it running yet