Nov 25, 2010

Media Roundup #1

So, let's not waste time, aye?

This media roundup shall feauture a few of the music tracks which will be ingame, along with some other ambient music you might like, composed and recorded by myself. Few of you might have already heard it, but it never hurts to introduce someone new to it.

So, here's the first little album  I recorded in the past and take some samples/loops for the game:

Ancient Horse, Full of Glue

1-  Birds Song
2 - In Vains
3 - Birth Of A Star
4 - 23 and 43
5 - Finally We Know How To Delay Our Struggle
6 - Let's Build An Ocean Full Of Flies
7 - Kansas City
8 - The Vats
9 - Barbarossa
10 - It Fades
11 - Great Queen Elizabeth the XIII
12 - White Mice
13 - Ludwig&Bartholomeus Part2

It feautures some very ambienty drones I recorded with experimental audio editing and shifting, using just a tape recorder, aswell as traditional Ambient thingies and some post-rocky tunes. You'll see which parts of the EP will be used in the game. ;)


And here's the next one, tada! :

Tunes of a Doomsday Tribe

1 - Hunters Territory
2 - Everythings Asleep
3 - Wood
4 - Forlorn Regions
5 - 310 Seconds Before The Fall
6 - Devastation
7 - A Sacred Place
( incase file "Wood" is not working, grab it here )

This one is pretty much inspired by the music Mark Morgan has done for the two Fallout Games.
If you like the soothing tunes of the original Fallout games, you probably like one or two things in there too. I took some tracks out of this for my game too. Enjoy!

If you don't like to download the packs, let me tease you here a bit (all on Soundcloud):

Hunters Territory by fschimski

Wood by fschimski

Forlorn Regions by fschimski

That's it for now, regards,



  1. Wow! Was bowled over by this recording. Really a nice combination of songs. I enjoice listening to them.

    MfG, Suppi.

  2. Good music. If the rest is on the same level it will be awesome.

  3. Brilliant, finally some really "like Mark Morgan" ambient music with true Fallout feeling... thank you, good ideas and creeping atmosphere.

  4. I loved it, especially Forlorn Regions: it made me felt the climate of original, Fallout 2.