Mar 16, 2011

We aren't dead yet!

Yes, we are not. And yes, you've read it right, I now have even a bit help, someone not allowing not even a single minutes rest, giving the whole thing a little kick of motivation. Yes, the motivation, the thing which kept me not posting here since a while. During a computer crash, plenty of files were gone (now restored, thanks to some kind people doing that for me) and that nearly wiped out my whole will to make this game. Eventually, the sparkle lit again and I started to work. Now, I have all the files back and wrote most of the documents needed to develop the first few locations and move on to the next ones. Had much fun writing tons of dialogs lately, can't wait till you guys/gals listen to the people speaking and hear their stories around the campfire. ;-)

Also, I am working on setting a small forum up anytime soon, to have interested people talking about the game or even suggesting some smaller stuff. Ofcourse, basic info on what exactly happens ingame will be given then.
So - glad to tell we are alive and kicking well! To the end, some small ingame loading screen extravaganza - see the michigans wasteland ruins in their full glory. Eery, empty (?!) , only harboring death and the remains of former inhabitants. What Remains there?

Cheers, Frank.


  1. You need any help with locations, Surf, I'm from the Detroit area. I know southern MI fairly well.

  2. Glad to hear that! Will write you a message, it definitevly'd come in handy. ;)

  3. I'm glad you have retrieved your lost files ; now, go buy two external hard drives and this should never happen again ;)

    Best of luck to the What Remains Team ! I'm eager to hear/see more from you guys!