Apr 26, 2011

Setting Overview #1

Dear Readers,

a new news entry about the world and some features/characteristics of the game can be found here.
I'd be glad if you'd read, comment, or even ask some things on there. ;-)




  1. I like your style and the visual outlook a lot, though I always thought you really don't need many new graphical enhancements to make a total conversion. You can definitely be original with a solid storyline, the graphics are already there... save for the map, menu screen and ending sequence art. I'll surely play your mod once it releases.

    Maybe release some info on the world's status? Also, what way survival is to be implemented in What Remains?

  2. Looking good. Keep up the good work.

  3. No news so long? I hope you didn't give up Frank. This project could be really good and original. Josefista

  4. Frank, are you alive D:

  5. I'm looking forward to this.

  6. So many years without a single word. I assume the project is dead. A true pity. Fallout 1/2 fans would surely welcome a graphics/engine upgrade over the original, and looking at the shots hosted at ModDB, this project was awesome. :(